Discuss in group about cultural stereotypes

Exercise 1

Talk about stereotypes. What are different nationalities like?

  1. German         7. Russian

  2. French            8. Iraqi

  3. Finnish           9. Chinese

  4. Swedish         10. Thai

  5. Greek           11. Jamaican

  6. English           12. Indian

What are the pros and cons of having stereotypes? What are the situations when stereotypes come in useful? What are the situations when stereotypes cause difficulties and misunderstandings?  

Exercise 2

You start working abroad. Your colleagues have never met a person from your country. What is the stereotype of your nation they may have? How are you different? What would be the most irritating presumptions your colleagues might have? How would you react to presumptions of you?

Exercise 3

Look at the picture and discuss.

  • Where does she come from?

  • Where does she live?

  • How old is she?

  • What is her occupation?

  • Is she married?

  • Does she have children?

  • What is her religion?

  • What is she interested in?


Did your group have one or more answers to the questions? Which question was the most difficult one? Where did you agree? What do your answers tell you about presumptions and stereotypes in general?