Project life

Coordination Meeting in Selianitiki


Next coordination meeting (the 4th) is being organised in Selianitiki on 12-13/06/2013 under the auspices of Achaia Adult Education Institute. In addition to the coordination matters (evaluation, administrative and financial aspects), the main objectives are to debrief the results of the piloting among the partners, to present the support material used in the national languages and to prepare the dissemination of the materials and guidebooks.

Third workshop in France

The third workshop has been organised in le Puy-en-Velay in Greta premises, the 3rd of June.

Before presenting the learning material, the trainers and training advisers had some exchanges with a Regional representative from the French administration for the integration of migrants, the OFII, with an Inspector from the Ministry of Education in charge of French for migrants and with the regional coordinator at the academy level for the Skills assessment procedure for migrants (that is part of the welcome and integration contract). Exemple of skills assessment have been discussed, together with communication difficulties linked to language and cultural representations. Tools for overcoming them have been presented. 

Meeting in Potsdam

The third transnational meeting of CIVET was held on 5th - 6th September 2012 in Potsdam Germany. The partner group planned the contents of the multicultural training model and made decisions about material production. The next steps of CIVET in each country of the partnership are workshops which will be held before Christmas.

Greek media talk about CIVET project meeting:


The first phase of the project is an observation phase. The aim is to recognise situations in work-based education and training as well in institutes as on work placements where problems in interaction between a vocational teacher/trainer/a work-place instructor and an immigrant students occur. 

This template will be the basis for the implementation of the project (multicultural training model, tools and material, guidebook and piloting).

The First Transnational Meeting

The first transnational meeting took place in Kotka on 17-18 November 2011. At the beginning of the first meeting day everyone introduced themselves, boosted with some Finnish coffee, naturally. The specifications of the project aims as well as the expected results were discussed in detail. The work packages were also presented and discussed by each partner along with the ICT tools to be utilized within this project. The productive day ended with a delicious dinner at Fransmanni.

The second meeting day started with some bureaucracy as the partner agreements were dealt with. The administrational issues were also presented to the partners along with the cost follow-up. After lunch at Koteko Restaurant Paula Tyrväinen from CIMO introduced the financial guidelines and gave some dissemination tips, as well. The official meeting ended with discussion on the next steps of CIVET as well as self-evaluation. In the evening the partners met in Multicultural Centre Mylly and got acquainted with the operations and activities taking place there, not to mention the large variety of different types of pizzas prepared by the Italian chef. After the first transnational meeting each partner was already looking forward for the next meeting taking place in France in March 2012.